Available for Speaking Engagements

Bret Waters has delivered talks at university business schools, startup accelerators, and venture capital conferences all over the world. Below are some examples. These are typically 30-40 minutes, plus Q&A, coming in at approximately one hour in total. 

  • The Launch Path. In my career in Silicon Valley and my time at Stanford, I’ve worked with hundreds of startup founders and I’ve seen patterns with regard to which ones succeed and which ones fail. Based on those observations I’ve put together a 12-step process (and a book) for getting from a startup idea to a launch-ready, funding-ready venture. One of the great things about 2024 is that the tools available to startup founders are more powerful than ever, and there are more sources and structures of startup capital available than ever before. 
  • 2024-25 Trends for Startup Founders and Venture Capital Investors. The top of the hype cycle is all about AI right now, but what are the other trends that startup founders and investors should be thinking about, all over the world? In this view-from-Silicon-Valley talk, I discuss the 12 most important trends. This is not a list of technology trends, per se, it’s a list of global trends across several dimensions including sources and structures of capital, organizational structures, and marketplace trends. 
  • The History of Silicon Valley. Today Silicon Valley is known as a global hub of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. The economic output of this one valley is larger than most entire countries. Some of the most important companies in the world today – Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Salesforce, Nvidia – are headquartered less than 25km from my house. How did this happen? What are the drivers that made one valley in California such a powerful global hub? How can these drivers be replicated elsewhere? And what does the future hold?
  • The Habits of High Achievers. Being a Founder/CEO is hard. You have to wear a lot of hats, work a lot of hours, and have unusually deep insights into customers and marketplace trends. On top of all that, you have to recruit and lead a high-performing team. Some people seem to be naturally good at this, while others struggle. We all want to be high-achievers, so what are the habits that high-achievers have? In this talk I discuss my conversations with CEO’s and venture capitalists about what they believe are the habits of high-achievers.
  • Startup Masterclass (Full day). Structured as a one-day intensive workshop, the masterclass is suited for individuals who want to build and launch a successful startup, investors who want to learn more about success patterns, as well as corporate executives who want to help their teams develop the entrepreneurial mindset required for corporate success in today’s world.

Custom talks are also available. Contact bretwaters at gmail to discuss further.