I’ve been immersed in the innovation culture of Silicon Valley for my entire career.¬†

I’ve founded and run three successful software companies, raising both angel capital and venture capital. I have also run two educational non-profit organizations, helping to bring their fundraising and impact to record new levels.

My academic work today is at Stanford University, where I teach entrepreneurship and innovation.

My volunteer work is at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, where we help social entrepreneurs to develop, refine, and scale successful ventures that can have a positive impact in the developing world.

I spent six years on the board of the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, working to bring innovation to K-12 education.

I have served as Chief Mentor with the European Innovation Academy, teaching Silicon Valley innovation methodology to engineering students from around the world.

I received my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

You can read some of my writing published in Forbes, LinkedIn, and on Medium.

You can contact me via bret@4thly.com.