I grew up in Silicon Valley and have spent my entire career here. After living the life as an entrepreneur for many years, today I’m focused on helping other entrepreneurs and innovators.

I teach entrepreneurship and innovation at Stanford University, I give talks at various events, and I do a little angel investing. 

Previously I was Founder & CEO of three successful software companies, raising capital, building innovative products and operations, scaling organizations, and managing exits. 

I believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the world. My volunteer work is at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, where we help social entrepreneurs to develop, refine, and scale successful ventures. Our graduates have raised over $1 billion in capital. 

This year I have enjoyed doing a small part to help Thought for Food create the world’s largest startup accelerator program for entrepreneurs working on the planet’s most pressing challenge: How are we going to sustainably feed 10 billion people?

I spent six years on the board of the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, working to bring innovation to K-12 education. Because I believe public education matters. 

I have served as Chief Mentor with the European Innovation Academy, teaching Silicon Valley innovation methodology to engineering students from around the world. We had fun. 

I received my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. It was an awesome cohort. 

I invest regularly in fish tacos. Yum. 

You can contact me via bretwaters at gmail, and you’ll also find me on the various socials.