A few of our success stories.

Here are just a few of the startup founders we have worked with. They have launched new ventures, raised capital, and are thriving all over the world today. You can see their testimonial quotes about 4thly, and listen to podcast interviews with them.

Nanny Scout
New York City
Nanny Scout is a new digital platform to match families and nannies, facilitating affordable, quality childcare in the form of a nanny share. Read more.

Klustur is an affordable, on-demand platform for high school students to get 1-on-1 college admissions coaching from current college students studying at America’s top colleges. Read more.

Digital Swiss Gold
Connecticut, US
We democratize gold ownership, making it easy for anyone to add physical gold to their investment portfolio. We provide an easy, cost-effective digital platform for buying and storing Swiss gold in fully insured Swiss vaults. Read more.

Mexico City, MX
MIDAS is a cash traceability platform with an AI/Data engine that helps consumer companies and retailers make better supply and demand decisions. Read more.

Peer Ledger
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Peer Ledger is making food production safer and more sustainable via a proprietary blockchain traceability platform. Read more.

BOLD the Evolution
New York City
BOLD the Evolution is creating sustainable clothing made from recycled materials designed to be recycled again, in fun and bright colors. Read more.

New York City
An innovative new digital bank delivering financial services to the college student demographic. Read more.

ConfiDens Analytics
An AI-driven business intelligence platform for location analysis. Read more.

New Jersey
Quanotech has developed new technology for detecting the gum pathogens that been have been linked to stroke, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and other serious illnesses Read more.

Digital Nomads are on the rise – people who combine a remote working lifestyle with a thirst for travel. Our new platform creates spontaneous in-person socializing for Digital Nomads. Read more.

SwotKnotBoulder, CO
A low cost, no code, highly configurable learning management system that helps students learn and increases ROI for schools, organizations and educators. Read article.

Odd CirclesLondon
Our application streamlines community and event management with world-class support, making it easier for you to monetize your community and events with direct payouts. Read article.

Champaign, IL
DoveMed is a comprehensive platform that links patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and medical systems through various products and physician-approved health information to improve patient health and well-being. Read Medium article.

San Francisco.

A powerful marketing and commerce platform for solo-preneurs and other small businesses. Read more.

The sharing economy has transformed many sectors and yet all over the world, large capital equipment for farms and construction often sits idle for much of the year. We bring the power of the sharing economy to this large market by creating a digital marketplace for sharing capital assets. Read more.

Tacoma, WA
Psychedelics are coming out of the darkness and being proven to be effective for combating treatment resistant disorders such as depression, PTSD and anxiety. Ceremia is developing a new application to connect people who want to use psychedelics with the help of sitters, shamans and guides in a safe way. Read more.

Elve Speed
Silicon Valley
Elve Speed is developing new technology to deliver 100x faster internet access in urban settings and remote locations. Read more.

Bogotá, Colombia
AIA provides agro development through commercialization of agrifood products from Colombian and Latin American small farmers. Read more.

San Francisco
Noula delivers on-demand support from doulas and childbirth educators, with a goal of healthier births for all. Read more.

Silicon Valley
Marketplace that connects consumers and local businesses to get their products delivered weekly, all in in one box. Read more.

Los Angeles
Blockchain-based ticketing platform for event producers, venues, and professional sports teams. Read more.

Lumkaa Tech
Next-generation streaming media platform designed and built specifically for the needs and expectations of East African consumers. Read more.

Our application helps caregivers of people with special needs provide efficient personalized care. Our AI engine drives personalized care and a social platform for caregivers to connect, communicate, share and learn. Read article.

We create borderless equal opportunity to underprivileged youth in the developing world, enabling them to study abroad in world class universities, get work experience and other enriching experiences so they may return to become leaders of positive change in their communities and our world. Read article.

CoZ Sleep
Bend, Oregon
Nearly a third of all babies encounter sleep disorders and related issues such as night terrors. CoZ Sleep is developing a new medical device to help babies and parents sleep better and healthier. Read Medium article.

Bangalore, India
Our proprietary platform improves hospital efficiency by enabling doctors to use voice for entering EMR data, ordering prescriptions, professing referrals, and more. Read more.

San Francisco, CA
Attigo increases visibility from stakeholders for product teams allowing for better data-driven product decisions, creating exceptional products and growing company revenues. Read more.

Silicon Valley, CA
PetsRN is a home health care service for companion animals. Our digital platform will connect pet parents nationwide with veterinary nurses (techs) who deliver virtual or mobile skilled home care. Read more.

Infinite Focus Schools
Infinite Focus Schools offers a mindfulness and socio-emotional learning digital platform for youth. Read more

Silicon Valley
UpLadderAI is building an AI-powered SaaS platform to streamline the job hunt process. Read more.

Learnigo Academy
Bangkok, Thailand
Learnigo Academy is reinventing online education with a unique new digital platform and curriculum. Read more.

New York City
A digital wedding planning partner helping couples build a wedding authentic to who they are. Read more.

A new social network for passionate sports fans to enhance their experience while following their favorite sports and teams.

Lawyer Square
San Diego
An EdTEch platform delivering continuing education to legal professionals, featuring high quality, immersive courses led by industry leading lawyers. Read more.

Innovative new platform for EV charging stations at gas stations, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties. Read more.

A niche lifestyle digital publisher that already has over 3 million users, providing a brand-new way to consume digital content and helping you achieve your goals effortlessly. Read article.

EasyPortsMexico City
A new digital platform for the $10 billion container shipping industry, providing shippers with better efficiency, tracking, and full transparency into the entire process. Read article.

CrowdX is an AI-Powered innovative new platform focused on making real estate development projects more efficient, less risky and with a higher return for developers and investors. Read Medium article.

Dynamiq Data
London, UK
Our mobile app empowers smaller organizations to manage data effectively and to take part in the digital revolution, transforming the way they do business. Read more.

Pomar Lane
Santa Barbara, CA
Pomar parametric models save portfolio owners the cost of physical inspections, and inform the choices of individual home buyers. Our tools help reduce insurance claims, improve investor decisions, and make valuation models more accurate.

4th Labs
Los Angeles, CA
Augmented Reality experiences are boring, gimmicky, and have limited interactivity. That’s about to change, We provide interactive, immersive experiences, where users can deepen their engagement with brands, venues, and experiences. Read more.

The Sound Life
Puget Sound, Washington
The Sound Life is building energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious small affordable homes in unique rural areas. Read more.

Silicon Valley
AthenaX is empowering cancer patients with data to provide personalized behavioral therapy to achieve improved health outcomes. Read more.

Silicon Valley
Changing the way people drink coffee/beverages and helping the planet by eliminating single-use plastic cups. Read more.

AveriQ Technologies
Digital platform designed to simplify the accounting needs of the gig economy. Read more.

Stealth Startup
Silicon Valley
Consumers today are annoyed by passwords and even more annoyed by the way Big Tech requires user accounts designed to increase the personal data they collect. A new stealth startup in Silicon Valley is developing an entirely new paradigm for user authentication.

Healthy Baby
Los Angeles
Healthy Baby is creating a new line of products for health-conscious parents, starting with infant formula that is plant-based, without soy or high fructose corn syrup, and infused with 3 superfoods. Read Medium article.

Darwin, Australia
A new digital brand focused on helping people to discover, explore, and enjoy National Parks & Destinations, starting with the the Northern Territory of Australia. Read Medium article.

Goal Mate
Mexico City
We all want to get better at setting personal goals and achieving them. Goal Mate is a new app that uses a science-based approach to help you achieve your personal goals more efficiently and effectively. Read Medium article.

Fracinvest is developing an innovative new digital platform to make it easy for anyone to invest as little as $500 and have fractional ownership of income-producing property. Read Medium article.